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vacation exchange companies; crown vacation exchange (Crown Vacation Exchange offers great vacation opportunities for you and your family to enjoy.  Many resorts are located within a short drive to popular area attractions.  Choose from one of several locations for your next family vacation.). interval world (Interval International operates membership programs for vacation owners and provides value-added services to its developer clients worldwide. Based in Miami, Florida, the company has been a pioneer and innovator in serving the vacation ownership market for more than 30 years). RCI (In 1974, RCI pioneered the concept of exchange vacations. Since then, millions of timeshare owners have discovered that an RCI subscribing membership really enhances the quality of vacation ownership. Today, RCI has more than three million members worldwide, who enjoy dream vacations at RCI's over 3,700 affiliated resorts. These timeshare owners and resorts are a unique community of travel enthusiasts with the common bond of a lifetime commitment to quality vacations through timeshare. RCI members benefit from the knowledge, experience and resources of RCI's Guides, who provide assistance in the planning of exchange vacations). HSI

vacation home swap
Home exchange is a vacation alternative where you allow someone else to stay in your home while you stay in theirs. During a home exchange vacation you swap your home at a time that is convenient to both parties. A house swap holiday may also include an automobile exchange.
Swapping houses can slash the cost of a holiday. Not only do you save on accommodation (hotel rooms and taxes), but by exchanging cars you can also save on car rental costs. You also save on restaurant meals and snacks, car parking, laundry, Internet connection, and much more.
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